Field & Shop Construction Services

Field & Shop Maintenance

At BGI Contractors, we offer a turn-key approach to our projects by providing both field and shop construction services. We have both the experience and facilities to expedite your next project. Our fabricators are highly skilled and are qualified to industry specifications.

Our ASME-coded fab shop and machine shop enables us to integrate design and fabrication capabilities and allows us total quality control and support to field projects such as pressure vessels, structural steel and tank construction. The shop occupies 33,000 square feet inside an eight-acre yard and is fully equipped with overhead crane and modern equipment.

To keep up with demands of field installation teams, our shop can produce 100s of linear feet of pipe per day to maintain high efficiency. We fabricate spool pieces out of all material types and shapes.

Field services offered include plant maintenance, pipe and steel fabrication and installation, mechanical and civil construction, ASME-code repairs, tank construction and specialty building construction, such as storm proof and blast resistant buildings.

BGI has an excellent safety record and is committed to meeting your scheduling and quality requirements. When you need a project completed on schedule, BGI will provide quality work to meet your requirements.