Industrial Pipe Fabrication & Installation

Pipe Fabrication

BGI Contractors maintains an expansive 33,000 square foot pipe fabrication facility. We provide custom fabrication of pipe and pipe assemblies with just about any metal your project requires, from carbon steel, stainless steel, hastelloy and other specialty metals.

Our fabricators are highly skilled, experienced welders and are qualified to industry requirements and certified weld specifications. Full-time QA inspectors check welds for quality daily, and assembly dimensions for accuracy before the project leaves our shop.

We can produce hundreds of linear feet of pipe per day in-shop to maintain high efficiency for field installations. BGI fabricates spool pieces out of all material types and shapes.

We install piping on site and are committed to meeting your requirements for quality, safety, schedule and performance. The next time you need a turn-key package, contact BGI for the best fit at a real value.