The StrongBox
-Blast Resistant Safety Buildings

The StrongBox

For incomparable protection in blast–resistant buildings, BGI Contractors proudly offers the StrongBox®. Designed for use in industrial blast zone areas, the versatile modules provide uncompromised protection for personnel required to work in refineries, offshore platforms and drilling units, construction sites, and other potentially hazardous locations.

The standard unit is blast resistant up to 12 psi, measures a comfortable 12' x 40', and features reinforced steel, two doors, two offices, a central work area and a restroom. The quality–enhanced units have HVAC systems, fire–rated paneling, acoustic ceilings, exterior lighting, and data connections. Custom floor plans are available to fit specific, on–site office needs. Ready to be installed at your facility in minimal time, the StrongBox® is an invaluable asset providing safety and peace–of–mind.

StrongBox Specifications

  • Standard Unit: 12' x 40' – With 2 Doors, Two Offices, Central Work Area, Restroom
  • Steel Plate Exterior with Design Support, Stiffeners for Superior Strength
  • Insulated Interior with 3/8" Fire Rated Paneling, Acoustic Ceiling and Air Duct System
  • HVAC System – Maintains Positive Pressure To Prevent Infiltration of Toxic Gases
  • Data Connections
  • Customized Plans Available